Friday, September 17, 2010

...since last we spoke...

It's been one busy summer! I have a few new projects in the works to catch you up on...

  • First, my theater company produced a very successful one-act festival. I played the role of Ms. Gray, an uptight school principal in a piece called Back to Normal by Tom Moran. Be sure to check out the Gallery for photos!
  • We filmed the next installation of Star Trek: Phase 2 back in June. It was a blast as always! The episode is entitled Origins: The Protracted Man and was written by David Gerrold and Lee Cronin, Jr. David Gerrold also directed.
  • I'm working with a group called A Touch of Mystery that produces interactive mystery theater. I had my first performance as goldigger Ashley Bennett in The Family Reunion back in July. What a BLAST!!!! Seriously, this had to be one of the most fun gigs I've ever worked. Each actor is seated among the dinner guests and improvises in character throughout the evening-- from cocktails to dessert! We had a great group of actors, wonderful dinner guests, and a fantastic time was enjoyed all around!
  • As an FYI, I just signed with BBA Models as my print agency. I'll be focusing on commercial and editorial print, so keep an eye out for me in your mags!
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